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Cold Showers for Super Powers

What if there was one small change you could make in your daily routine that would significantly reduce the number, severity and duration of colds that you suffer? Not only that, but it would also flood mood centres of your brain with dopamine, relieving symptoms of depression and lifting mood.

It turns out that turning the temperature dial down at the end of your morning shower could do just that. Research back in the 90s showed that medical students who took a 2 minute cold shower at the end of their regular shower every day for 6 months had just half the number of colds, which lasted half as long, and produced significantly less snot, than those who’s showers were warm. A small study in 2008 showed a similar shower protocol relieved depressive symptoms and elevated mood without any negative side effects.

It is so simple, here’s how to do it:

  • At the end of your regular shower, slowly turn the temperature down to cold to rinse (you’ll find your tolerance improves over the first few days).

  • Enjoy the bracing cold water for 2-5 minutes (you’ll probably want to start off shorter and build up).

  • If you do have a cold or are not feeling well on a day, give yourself a week off from the cold showering and restart gradually.

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