Continued Education Ethos

We believe in offering free education for anyone to access, on the wonderful benefits of essential oils: their properties, the science behind their medicinal qualities, and also on how to use them safely and responsibly.


Rob holds fortnightly classes, on the second and fourth Monday's of every month, at his clinic in Beaumaris, (no.15 Church Street), 7pm - 9pm. The classes run in sequence, one topic per session. There are six topics that we cover:

1. An Introduction to Essential Oils. This class covers some of the most commonly used oils and how to use them effectively and safely. Information on sourcing quality, therapeutic grade oils, is also offered, including general advice as well as looking at dōTERRA's range.


2. Nature's Medicine Cabinet. Rob focuses in on the specific therapeutic benefits of certain oils here, and teaches how to use them responsibly to support healthy bodily function. He'll also introduce you to the Modern Essentials guide book which offers simple and straightforward practical advice that anyone can follow.


3. (Our favourite ☺️) Essential Oils and Supporting Emotional Well-being. The aim of this class is to promote awareness of the emotional spectrum and to identify which oils can be accessed, for what kind of support. You'll get to experience your own emotional responses as you smell and experience a variety of oils. (Ahh...)


4. Essential Oils for Detoxification and Reducing Toxic Load. Here you learn about ways to support your body from a lot of the chemicals we encounter in everyday life. Also you can learn ways to substitute household and personal care products for more gentle alternatives that incorporate essential oils.


5. Essential Oils in Cooking & Chocolate making! Rob loves making delicious raw chocolate. This class is great for giving you confidence at cooking with the addition of oils safely. Rob will take you through the kind of essential oils that can be used to enhance flavour and in what quantities. Oh... and you get to make yummy chocs!


6. Using Essential oils to Support Healthy Immune Function. In this last class you will look at things you can do to offer ongoing immune support for your body. Rob will also cover things like dōTERRA's supplements and will touch on using oils to assist in creating healthy diet, exercise and rest habits.

At all the classes there is also the opportunity to purchase oils and to learn more about dōTERRA as a company.


Rob is more than happy to present one of these topics or any other information relating to essential oil usage, at a venue of your suggestion. We often do classes and presentations at other locations around the country. Information on those will be posted as events come up.

If hosting a class is something you've thought about, we are very willing to provide support with that too. 

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