For the love of Essential Oils!

There is no denying essential oils smell delicious! And for good reason. Our body chemistry depends on plants for our well being and always has done. That's evolutionary medicine for you!

Throughout all of history, those who were able to lay hold on the varied compounds, that are found naturally concentrated in the oil glands of a plant, were better able to thrive and survive. This may sound like hyperbole but it's simply biology (baby)... the body finds these smells appealing because it's been selected for as an adaptive advantage.

Historically you would benefit from these volatile compounds in three ways: 


Aromatically e.g. Roses at the bedside of a sick loved one. Their delicate fragrance fills the air, making the environment hostile to pathogens, and also supports the immune defences of patient and well-wishers.

Topically e.g. Roman legionaries would carry pouches of myrrh to apply to wounds, supporting healing and the immune system again.

Internally e.g. Spices! Mmm... Tumeric, for example, has been supporting central nervous system health in advancing years in Asian populations, for centuries.

For thousands of years humans have been using oil infusions, and a millennium ago, Arabian alchemist Avicenna discovered he could obtain the plant's aromatic essence, through the process of steam distillation. 

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